Cannonball: The streak, my fandom and avoiding the jinx

On November 29th the Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. It didn’t seem all that significant at the time. Tampa Bay was playing without their all-star captain Steven Stamkos and we had just beat them at their place before we lost in a shootout to Florida three days prior. No one could have known that a shootout loss potentially cost us setting an all-time win streak record just as the NHL prepares to celebrate 100 years. No one could have known that win against Tampa Bay would start a streak that would bring so much media attention that even the guys that sound like buffoons when they mention anything ice related (Mike and Mike) would be giving it that coveted ten seconds before they jump into a advertisement.

The guys that write about hockey for a living (outside of our guys at the dispatch of course) wrote about how this fluke would end soon and the team would finally revert to the Blue Jackets they expected – taking their place in the middle of the metropolitan trending towards the bottom. Fans of original six teams cheekily commented how it was cute that the CBJ was finding ways to win games against back up goalies and half-assed competition. We got to 10 straight and the editorial sports writers wrote about how we were defying all logic and our power play couldn’t keep this blistering success rate.

Then, in game 11 we played Pittsburgh at home.

The puck dropped and scoring opened with Sidney Crosby doing his thing batting an airborne puck into our net with an obscene amount of hand eye coordination. After that, it was all Jackets – all the way to a 7-1 win. Just after Foligno hugged Bob that night, the perspective about our Columbus hockey club changed. We went from a plucky bunch of guys punching above their weight to a threat. Top of the NHL in points. Top performing power play. A goalie, coach and rookie being mentioned as candidates for some of the most prestigious hardware the NHL has to give outside of the Cup itself. Hometown fans began scrambling to find out how the expansion draft would affect what is sure to be a dynasty. I became positive that I may never have to write on my blog ever gain.

Every year I pick a small self improvement project to stick with for one calendar year. Many of these endeavors have failed: going vegetarian (lasted 15 days – in retrospect this also was not self-improvement), going gluten free (lasted less than one day), learn a foreign language (banõ is about the extent of what I learned), learn to play the acoustic guitar (I have four chords that I am really, really skilled with as long as you only want to hear them one at a time with no consistent strumming pattern), and increase the business of my side consulting gig (success!). Seeing the above track record, I knew for the 16-17 period (this typically starts in the summer) I needed something that would be low on time investment and it had to fit in with things I enjoyed recreationally. Enter the Columbus Blue Jackets.

I have been a fan since we were blessed with a franchise as a part of the 2000 expansion draft that brought both the Jackets and the Wild into the league. I graduated high school in 2000, I was drinking beer with Jody Shelley and Rick Nash on campus on 15th avenue in 2002 (don’t calculate my age, just know I look a lot like my older brother – at least in his ID photo). When we made the playoffs for the first time against the Detroit Red Wings in the 08-09 season I could not wait for the first home playoff game. I sat with one of my closest friends in the highest seats that nationwide has to offer. Long before we became the 5th line, I spent over $200 (that I really didn’t have) on bourbon in nationwide arena after Detroit scored inside of the first minute never looked back sweeping us out of the playoffs.

I sat in Nationwide at the end of the shortened lockout season watching the Minnesota Wild on the scoreboard lock us out of the playoffs by winning and getting the edge over us via tie breaker. I celebrated our move to the eastern conference and no longer falling asleep on the couch in the middle of all our never ending west coast games. In 2014 I bought tickets to every home game in the playoff series against the penguins. I remember wondering if I had actually gone deaf as I left the stadium after our OT win in game four. I will never forget Dubinsky’s game tying goal or Umberger’s sprawled out poke to Foligno for the OT game winner. My wife and I took our then six-month old son to game 3, the first of many questionable parenting moves we have made – though my son (now 3) may be a bigger CBJ fan than I am playing hockey year round in our living room even though I never actually played the game myself.

The Blue Jackets officially  became a part of our family tapestry that year.

I remember only half-way joking that a fan would get to play if one more person got hurt in the 14-15 season. Hope abounded in the offseason prior to 15-16. I told everyone (much like all CBJ fans were doing) that this was our year, we were going deep in the playoffs and Joey was about to blossom into the all-star we all knew he could be. Bob was going to be Vezina Bob again. We traded for Brandon Saad. Ryan Murray was finally going to be healthy. We named a captain finally.

We sucked. We sucked bad in 15-16.

We traded Joey, fired our coach, replaced him with the coach that tried to fight another coach in the dressing room, and were still enjoying the privilege of watching David Clarkson remind us that Nathan Horton’s contract wasn’t insured every time his overpaid keister skated down the ice. Poor Rimer discussed Torts training camp every ten seconds trying to give us a reason to stick with the team and I think it took 30 games for the commercial with John Davidson telling us how we are here to play for the Cup came off the air. I watched all 82 games, even after being knocked out of the playoffs by Thanksgiving.

This brings us back to my self improvement project for the year. I watched the CBJ already, I wanted to get back to writing in some form, writing is easy (hahahahahahaha), so this would be a breeze. We were the league darling prior to the 15-16 season and our pieces had largely remained the same. I was cautiously optimistic. I had written out some preseason player profile and predictions, but I had not yet named this blog thing. Every pundit in the world was predicting bottom of the heap for us and I thought about a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold Christmas night type melt down if we had another season like last year. was born.

Once the season began I learned two things:

  1. Writing, even about something you enjoy immensely is not easy. At least not writing something remotely interesting. Also if clever doesn’t come naturally to you, it isn’t magically going to come to you when sitting in front of your MacBook.
  2. Just because you write it, doesn’t mean anyone is going to read it.

I struggled finding what I actually wanted to write about, I really enjoyed doing the game predictions, but post game recaps added nothing that wasn’t already out there and bed outweighs staying up to write 10 out of 10 times.

A decision was made. I would write only about one out of every five games, and just give my own editorial about what I saw on the ice – no one was reading it anyway. I picked a game to start this tradition – our rematch with the Montreal Canadiens, they would look to avenge the 10-0 beating we put on them early in the season (my son was in attendance for this game too, he still thinks that when he goes to nationwide that we will hear the cannon every ten seconds).

Then we beat Pittsburgh 7-1. The streak was alive, we were legitimized in the eyes of the national media and I didn’t want to write a damn thing in fear that it would surely jinx us. I was convinced that if I wrote a positive word and expressed any public optimism that even with essentially zero readers that this would cause Bob’s groin muscles to eject from his body, Werenski would remember that he is just a rookie and David Clarkson would somehow be back on the ice giving me a karmic middle finger.

Instead, we won 16 straight. Instead Blue Jackets games weren’t just must see tv for my family, but almost everyone we knew. Instead I got text messages asking me about rules and strategy from non-hockey fans trying to understand the rules so they could claim to be the world’s biggest hockey fans come Monday morning around the water cooler. Our bandwagon was (and still is) taking on all comers. We not only finally began defending nationwide arena, we filled it up. Every game felt like a playoff game. It was absolute magic.

We were present for #16 over Edmonton. I will never forget it. My appreciation for what they accomplished and the timing of it (over the holidays) added something to it that is indescribable. This city wants to love this team. I want this city to love this team.

I am going to complete this writing project as I had planned prior to the streak. One game out of every five games. No deadline other than to myself. Unless of course, the Jackets win ten in a row and then no one would be happier not to write a word.

BOF Report: 10/21 Blackhawks (W 3-2)

Basically: We looked like a new team last night. Played the first two periods fast and the penalty kill definitely punched above its weight against a dangerous offensive team. Sedlak finished with a -1 in his debut but won 75% of his face-offs. That is a category in which we will take all of the help that we can get. Bobrovsky continues to look strong and is the biggest factor in us getting our first “W” stopping 32 shots.

The Overreaction: We got two points! We got two points! Washington Capitals , Washington Schmapitals – we are winning the metro. If we can beat the Blackhawks we can beat anybody. With Bobrovsky playing this way, bring on the all-star team. This is the first of many, get those playoff banners ready.

Final Thought: Werenski has had a point in each of the first four games. This kid is special. Murray is hurt again and not making the trip on the four game road trip (ugh). Says a lot about how Nick Foligno has settled into the captain’s role given his four points in four games. Boone Jenner has to get going for us to have longterm success. He was limited in ice time last night, and was subpar in the small amount of time he had. Tonight brings on the offensive Stars (2-1-1), another tough matchup for the CBJ.


Point Scorers for CBJ:

Goals: Foligno, Karlsson, Werenski

Assists: Atkinson, Foligno, Hartnell, Savard, Wennberg, Werenski

Jackets look to get in the “W” column against the Blackhawks

The Jackets are two games into the season and still without a win (sigh). Friday Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and Corey Crawford come to nationwide to try to ensure there are no post game Bob hugs. There is no getting around it – the Blackhawks are a tough draw.

While they went 2-2-0 in their first four games, they scored 20 total goals over that span capped off with Panik’s recent hat trick. More frustrating to me is when Chicago comes to Nationwide the crowd can be more Blackhawks fans than CBJ faithful. Yuck. Marian Hossa will be out with a lower body injury after blocking a shot versus the Flyers (where he also netted his 500th career NHL goal) and Crawford has officially been announced as the starting keeper.

The Blue Jackets are going to need some pucks to bounce their way if we are going to take this one. Hopefully Ryan Murray is back into the lineup after missing a game and Bobrovsky will need to have a special night for us to hang against their offensive firepower.

Saad and/or Jenner need to find their way onto the score sheet and we can’t hand the puck back in our own zone.


Sharks swim into Nationwide

While San Jose made the Stanley Cup finals last year, they did so on a hot playoff run after finishing 3rd in the Pacific. Their power play unit is something to be feared, capitalizing on just over 20% of their opportunities last year. Their goal tending is reliable with Jones in the back and Joe Thornton apparently has found the lazarus pool and still looks just as much a force on the ice at 37 as he ever has. I think it was LeBrun that stated he projected Thornton to get another three year deal. He is the Randy Couture of hockey.

The Jackets best opportunity tonight lies in our power play as this was a glaring weakness in the Sharks game play. The scored on just over 20% of their PP opportunities and gave up just over 20% on the PK. If we stay out of the box, our chances go up exponentially.

With Ryan Murray out after blocking a shot against Boston, Dalton Prout draws in on the 3rd pairing with Nutivaara. To say this makes me nervous is an understatement. Nutivaara looked every bit like a rookie against Boston and Prout has had games in the past where he became a turnover machine in our own zone. We need this line to punch above their weight class tonight.

Let’s Go Jackets. Get on the win train tonight!

The Blue Jackets will win a Stanley Cup. Right?

Welcome to First a couple things about me:

  1. I have been a CBJ fan since the club’s inception.
  2. I have never played hockey.
  3. I am not Canadian.
  4. I believe the Blue Jackets will win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of every season.

Going to write about the roster as the season quickly approaches, both the good and bad. Not going to write about any preseason hockey as apparently being accidentally dominant in preseason play can lead to being mathematically eliminated from the NHL playoffs after the first ten games.

I write when I feel like it. If looking for breaking news, you are looking for Aaron Portzline – not me. His twitter handle is @APortzline.

Season gets under way October 13th against the Boston Bruins.

Carry the Flag, Join the Battle, March with Us, Pass me a Labatt.