Cannonball: Pundits await the fall…..

Outside of Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside giving the CBJ some love, the rest of the hockey media seems to simply be on watch for the Jackets to plunge back into the depths of the Metropolitan standings. “Possession statistics! Possession statistics!” Seems to be the war cry of those that seem in disbelief that that we have made it to 10-4-2 and snarkily (Wyshynski’s “awfully good” headline) comment on how this cannot last.

Hey, stats don’t lie. Our possession statistics (Corsi, Fenwick, PDO) are all not great. Do you know what has been though? Our record against a schedule that boasts wins against:

Montreal Canadiens (Currently best record in NHL)

New York Rangers (Currently top of the Metro Division)

Washington Capitals – beat twice (3rd in Metro)

Chicago Blackhawks (Top of Central)

St Louis Blues – Split series, OTL in St Louis (2nd in Central)

Anaheim Duck  (Top of Pacific)

Yes, our possession statistics have been bad, but given our early season schedule, shouldn’t they have been?!? Other than Dallas (who we beat twice), we have not played any of the bottom three teams in any of the divisions. Yes, some of these match-ups were against backup goaltenders, but it doesn’t change the amount of talent these teams had in their lines.

Meanwhile, Montreal has 14 wins – 10 of which are in the bottom three of their division currently (we also beat a Price-less Habs team into the ground 10-0 as you will remember).

Will our power play remain above 30%? Probably not, but against lesser competition it probably doesn’t have to. Maybe it is more amazing that it is above 30% given the gauntlet we have run in the first 16 games?

While Wyshynski moved us from 30th to 15th in his power rankings (from 10/21 – 11/17), as a part of the rankings on 10/21 Mr. Wyshynski said this:

” At the bottom of our power rankings are the Columbus Blue Jackets who continue to be a disastrous mix of poor coaching and poor construction.”

10-4-1 against the teams you have ranked at the top their boss. Possession stats be damned, we have been playing those currently occupying the top of each division, and we keep winning. And, we will get better…….

Let’s Go Jackets. Beat the Avs.

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