16-17 CBJ Player Profiles: Dalton Prout

Name: Dalton Prout, #47

Position: D

Birthplace: Kingsville, ON

Age: 26, born 3/13/90

Height/Weight: 6 ft 3 in/ 230 lbs

What he has going for him:

His right hand. Prout is a big, physical defender who you don’t want to drop the gloves with. In the last two years Prout has totaled 305 hits (139 last season) and 154 blocked shots (70 last season). He was resigned by the Blue Jackets through ’17-’18 in March 2016.

What he has going against him:

Has struggled at times getting the puck out of the zone and has handed the puck to the opposing team in scoring position on more than a few occasions. With the blue line of the Jackets improving through draft and acquisitions, Prout will most likely find himself on the bottom pairing and occasionally a healthy scratch if he has a turnover streak rear its ugly head.

Prediction for this season:

Prout and players of his ilk, have somewhat become throwback hockey players. Roster spots cannot be afforded to enforcers that cannot play at a high level. That being said, Columbus loves our tough guys. Prout will bring his physicality to the ice, albeit in a limited ice time.

’16-’17 Jackets Rant stat line prediction: Goals: 2, Assists: 4, Total Points: 6

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