16-17 CBJ Player Profiles: Brandon Saad

Name: Brandon Saad, #20

Position: LW

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Age: 23, born 10/274/92

Height/Weight: 6 ft 1 in/ 202 lbs

What he has going for him:

Lead the Jackets in goals (31) and tied with Cam Atkinson for team point leader (53). Oh, he also has already won two Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks – at the age of 23. Looking at the Jackets ’15-’16 roster he was one of only two players to have a positive +/- rating and to have played in 40+ games last year (the other was Matt Calvert). With the amount of goals that were scored against the CBJ last year (248, second highest total in the NHL) that is nothing short of miraculous. He also has increased his goals total every year he has been in the league, this year will be no different.

What he has going against him:

Needs to have a much larger impact on the power play. Brandon Saad is probably the most exciting acquisition that the Jackets have made outside of the NHL draft. Every team needs somebody to be “the man” when it comes to offense. Brandon Saad, we need you to be our guy.

Prediction for this season:

Saad is a star and I do not think he has any risk outside of major injury in regards to regressing in his points total. I see him having a larger goal scoring presence on special teams and will add assists this year through much improved team play.

’16-’17 Jackets Rant stat line prediction: Goals: 39, Assists: 27, Total Points: 66

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