16-17 CBJ Player Profiles: Cam Atkinson

Name: Cam Atkinson, #13

Position: RW

Birthplace: Riverside, Connecticut

Age: 27, born June 5, 1989

Height/Weight: 5 ft 8 in/ 180 lbs

What he has going for him:

Speed and anticipation. I tried to find a stat regarding the amount of breakaways Atkinson had last season, and while I couldn’t find one, it always seemed he had at least one breakaway chance every other game. Posting career highs last year in goals (27), assists (26), and average time on ice (17:34), the future is very bright for Cam. He is also the fan favorite of children wanting to bamboozle their parents into pet ownership.

What he has going against him:

Of all the players I am going to to profile for the season, Cam has the least amount of downside. His point totals for the last three years have been 40 (’13-’14) 40 (’14-’15) and 53 (’15-’16). If we are nitpicking, then I would say he needs to finish more of the breakaway opportunities he had. For the amount of times he found himself one on one with the goalie, that point total for last year could have been higher.

Prediction for this season:

I believe Atkinson will continue to be one of the more exciting offensive players on the roster this year. While I do not see him breaking out into a 60+ point scorer, I can envision him having close to the same offensive production totals and a threat on the penalty kill.

’16-’17 Jackets Rant stat line prediction: Goals:29, Assists: 20, Points: 49

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